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About Us


Living life in its fullest

We are a Brazilian couple that just gave up our traditional and secure life in exchange for some priceless adventure with our two kids Sailing somewhere around the world.

“the biggest  adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” Oprah Winfrey


Meet our crew members

Martina,  the mermaid

Ready for everything, this little girl is a true free spirit and came to change our lives and give us courage to go on this journey. Her first experience sailing was when she was only 4 months old and she is really prepared for a lot of water.



Our little Shark, Vincent

Our Authentic boy swims like a fish and is ready to surf worldwide. I hope we are good enough in our adventure for him not miss too much his school friends and all family.





Black, Ocean lover 

Juliano “Black” is the boat’s captain. Surfer from long ago, he is a truly ocean lover besides being a triathlete and father of the two adorable ones. Fixing and boat maintenance is going to be his next “thing” along with film editing and photography and of course, a lot of surfing.




Julie, all in one function 

The boat’s First officer, mom, chef, the kids teacher and the project’s executive producer.  Nature lover, Juliana is  ready to breath some fresh air in a new adventure.



Yes, we do have the same name, Juliano & Juliana, if you want to know more about our history click here.