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The basics to building a Digital Nomad reality

Life allow us to create and recreate our reality, we just have to look and decide what we want. As simple as that might seem it is very hard. We are overfilled with information, content and possibilities which makes it really hard to have a clear vision of what you want. We normally stick with what we know and try to find the best options in it. 

But don’t settle for this. Dream more and achieve more. Really look deep in your soul and try living a life to which you believe. Many of us got trapped into the conventional life for so long, not because we liked it but because we didn’t know anything different. Do you feel like that? 

5 overviews to building a Digital Nomad reality

build a digital nomad reality
  1. Understand the equation of time, money and mobility :  Enough of living on the weekends or having one 20 -30 days vacation per year? To understand more about what success means for a nomad family, I recommend a book that has completely accelerated my process : ” The four hour workweek” by Tim Ferris. This book is a must read if you like me are rethinking your success definition and lifestyle.
  2. Learn about the Nomad Lifestyle & Nomad family :is that something you feel you can do? There are many ups and downs of being nomad so learning about how a Nomad Lifestyle usually goes is super important, even more if you got kids like us.

     3. Choose your digital path: there are so many possibilities today of working location free. Some of them will still require you to be a lot on your laptop but will allow you to be anywhere in the world you wish. While this could be a good back up or initial plan I suggest going for building a passive income alternative. This will allow you to slowly build up your income while not spending so many hour like in a regular job.

4. Take action :decide what you are going for and take action! This is the hardest part but it will be worth it. Don’t have the illusion that this will happen overnight but keep the work and keep studying to find shortcuts for your development. Finding a mentor or a coach can be a great thing too! 

5. Wait to tell the world about your ambitions: while almost every person would love to an adventurous life, just a few do it. Not because it’s impossible but because you have to break all conventional rules and this is not for everybody. It takes courage. So while you are working on generating passive income and is still not on the road I recommend you to not tell many people about your projects. Keep it to yourself and keep working, you don’t  need anybody saying that you are crazy or that this won’t work and making a  thousand conventional questions. It will just take your focus away from your dream.

Wait, I think I forgot to say the main premise: YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED. Changing your life is not an easy thing even more when you are messing with all your paradigms and belief systems. There will be hard times, you will see in the process how much your belief systems can make it difficult for you. That’s why you need to be committed, otherwise you will just give up. Be committed and find solutions for the hard times.

I totally recommend you to work on your inner development while you do this so you can have a faster result and transformation. 
If you need a coach to guide you through this process click here.

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