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The subculture of the new Rich: wealth and success under new optics.

Contrary to what it seems, the subculture of the new Rich is not a culture that necessarily values material exuberances and dreams of having billions in the pocket. Much more than the economic bias, the subculture of the new rich opens doors to a completely new lifestyle and optics. If you are tired of working from 9 to 18 (when not much more), if the idea of working 35 to 40 years to then have your retirement is something that scares you or you do not like and does not fit into this great illusion of socially created mass , you will maybe sympathize with the subculture created by the new Rich.

Questioning the unbreakable truth of the masses

New Rich

In the subculture of the new rich, we question all unbreakable truth of the masses about work, money and success. Reinterpret it under a new angle of values. The look at this theme departs from an important starting point: that our life is short and that we can leave it at any time, so we need to live the now, the best possible.

With that our most precious asset is the time we have available in this life. No one can change, sell or create more time. It’s an impossible thing even for the best of the best. What we can do is value our time.

And when we work from 9 to 18 for 35 to 40 years, do you think we’re valuing our time?  If you knew you were going to die in 10 years, would you want to keep working 10-12 hours a day? Would you wait for retirement? Do you think it would be worth killing yourself working to earn millions or for a few minimum wages?

 If you work as an employee, you’re selling your time. If you are a traditional entrepreneur you probably dedicate your life to the company, employees and bureaucracies. All this for what? Weekends and a vacation of maybe 15 days if you get lucky?

New Rich Sub-culture: time and mobility

New Rich

Instead of thinking of earning millions, working as a workaholic, in the culture of the new rich, having time is a great luxury.  And who wants to have time but to be trapped every day at the same place? The culture of the new rich is linked to freedom.

There’s no point in having time if you can’t be where you want. The concept of mobility becomes very important because it is through it that you can explore and experience new things. Therefore live your life to the most. Three months in the same place is one thing, thirty years is another thing. At the end you will end up bored.

You may want to stay in the same place. But working with the pillars of time and money you can choose to stay in the same place. Much more liberating than when you have no choice, isn’t it?

The third pillar of the subculture of the new Rich: Money

Based on the assumptions of mobility and time, the way to generate money in the vision of the new rich becomes radically transformed. So far you may be thinking that it may be impossible to reconcile time, mobility and money.  But that’s possible. To make it viable, the New Rich uses the technology and its facilities to generate what we call passive income.

Gradually more and more popular, according to Listen Money Matters, ” Passive income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. This includes royalties from books, movies, or songs and also revenue that comes from real estate investments or business investments where you don’t have to be present to earn it”

Design your Lifestyle

And in this way you see that there are other options. The new Rich may not be as rich as the traditional Rich in terms of material things. But who in your opinion is richer: someone who earns 50,000 a month and has time and mobility or someone who earns 100,000 and is a workaholic?

New Rich

 You don’t need to be confined to the disturbing truth of the masses. From these values and with an action plan you can literally redesign your lifestyle. This is the new concept of wealth and success. 

Joining New concept of success and wealth and transforming your lifestyle and work is the first step to creating your reality as a Digital nomad. Simple but complex, isn’t it? It is not easy to break the paradigms, take the necessary actions to enable this change. Perhaps the greatest challenge of this process is the mental part and the beliefs involved. That’s why I talk so much about personal development and personal tools to change your life.

It’s all a big transformation but it’s really worth it. It is through it that you can open portals to your deepest dreams. Have you ever wondered what would it be like for you if you broke the successful paradigm and implemented a plan to be a new Rich?

Did you like the new concept of wealth and success? If this seems to be something you would like to build, I super recommend Tim Ferris‘s book. Working 4 hours a week. It is a transformative book that will deepen in the concept and still suggests plans to be implemented for any situation you are in. So don’t be discouraged! 

New Rich
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