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Camping with Kids at Guarda do Embaú

We finally made it! We have been trying to go camping with kids for so long and we finally made it! The last time we went camping Martina was about 9 months and we went to Florianópolis, a beautiful Island in South Brazil.  This time we decided to go to Guarda do Embaú, a magical little village with lots of nature and good waves. 

We actually didn’t know if we were going until late Wednesday so we packed everything late at night. We Slept 3 hours and woke up at 3:30 am. Luckily we managed to leave by 4am just as planned. It was Easter holiday and you don’t want to be caugh in traffic for 8 hours if you could take 4, mostly with kids.

The trip was just amazing, with some very cool views, beautiful weather and an amazing full moon following us along before a great sun rise! We felt so privileged to be there!! 

Guarda do Embaú 

camping with kids at guarda do embau

The coolest thing I like about Guarda is that there is this big river that crosses right before the beach, so to actually go to the beach you have to cross the river or you have to take a trail to access it through the other side on the margin of a big hill. Either options are just amazing. We did both, one day on the trail walking and one day crossing on the small canoes to the other side. 

It also has a cute little village where you can find great cafes and nice little places to eat.

Camping with Kids

We had never camped at  Guarda do Embaú before so it was a whole experience. There are two campings and we choose Camping Beira Rio, the one that has more green area and is next to the river.  What an amazing place!  A 10 minute walk from downtown but with the privilege of being completely immersed in the nature. 

The camping has a very good structure of bathrooms, lights and all you need to be in a safe adventure camping with kids. There is even a little restaurant inside if you need. We did everything on foot from going to the grocery store to going to the beach. There is no need for car, just a little desire of walking in a great small village surrounded  by the greatest nature. 

We did use and super recommend  our “Kangaroo”. Martina is 3 now but still cannot handle lots of walking. It can get very tiring if you just carry them on the lap so for me the canguru is just a great option. She gets happy, we can go everywhere and I get fit ( yeah it can turn a simple walk on a workout depending how far you are going)

Our camping structure with Kids 

We are a family of four and until then we were using a tent for a couple. The kids were small and we managed to fit everybody in it. But since last year we bought a new camping tent,  with 2 bedrooms and that fits 5 people. We were so excited to see how would it be and it was just absolutely great! The size is huge compared to what we had and the kids loved it so much!

It was easy to pull it up and while we did it the kids were just having fun around the camp site and also helping. 

In about two to three hours we got our brand new home for the holiday.  We also got everything we needed to cook all our meals in the tent so no need to go anywhere besides beach, nature and tent. 

We bought a hammock and we loved it! The kids played for hours there and the fun part is that it’s so easy to carry and to make it work. It’s really worth it!

camping with kids at guarda do embau

Fun adventures camping with kids

Kids absolutely love to be free and in the nature. Other than putting some repelent on and sunblock it makes parenting life so much easier!!! Seriously, they get entertainment so much that there is no complaints and cryings at all. I know most parents think it would be a nightmare but it’s exactly the opposite.

During the day we went to the beach, surfed, played on the sand, exercised. We also cook all our meals together, everybody helping and enjoying to be outdoors. 

Night time? They have done so much during the day that before you start the night story they are asleep. This time was no different, after they were asleep we were left alone to enjoy the tent and the full moon we had above us. 

Have you ever gone camping with your kids? Let us know how it is for you!

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