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6 steps on How to Raise your Standards and Transform your Life

6 steps on How to Raise your standards and transform your life

When the subject is changing your life to live it to the fullest one very important thing is to get inspired but it is fundamental  to raise your standards.  

Everybody has a social group and family members community. And you have to keep them. But remember, “you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”  stated Jim John. Have you ever thought about that?

Sometimes we complain about our friends and family but in a way we are just like them. There is something there that unite us with them. Stop and think, what do you have in common with your friends and family? What makes you closer to them? There are very good things for sure but together with it there is probably many things that don’t help you to become your best, live life to the fullest and change your life.

If you want to change your life and live it to the fullest you need to raise your standards. 

But why raise your standards?

If you want to improve, you need to be around people that are better than you. With that you will have to become better only to be just like these people.

If you start being around people that are already better than you in the area you want to improve, almost instantly that will raise your standard and make you work harder to get there. You won’t accept being less or doing less. If you keep this a constant contact and interaction, how much faster do you think you will grow, change or improved compared to if you were the reference of the social group or with no other person doing the same as you?

According to Design Epic Life, “if you’re not careful about people who you surround yourself with most of the time, you may get stuck in a mediocre or stereotypical thinking patterns. Don’t lower your standards to fit in with other people. Find people who raise the bar and help you improve.

How to raise your standards even if you don’t have access to great reference people

Before I had my own hack on how to do this, I always tried to raise my standards but it was usually fighting against myself. It was harder and it took so much longer. Sometimes I gave up too. But I always thought to myself: “how will I raise my standards if I have no access to this people? I don’t know anybody that can be my reference”. That was my excuse, but the pure truth. 
For some reason I felt locked in a social group that everybody was average and lived the conventional lifestyle without questioning. I was the reference for many things but was never satisfied with what I was. I always wanted more but didn’t have any example of it nearby. So it took me a long time to see out of this box and find little hacks to how raise your standards and transform my life.

Looking for a solution

My solution came one I started to get really disturbed with my reality. I was tired of not having a guru, someone to follow, to talk to, to inspire me. I was always internally complaining about this. If it wasn’t about this it was about the poor interactions I was having. I would loose a long time complaining about this person or that person. But one day I said enough and started to raise my standards in a way I keep until today.

Don’t panic, even if you by any reason can’t access other people personally, here is what you can do:

  1. Define what is it you are looking for.For instance, after I gave birth to my first son I wanted to become very fit and have a healthy lifestyle. Nobody around me was really into that, on the contrary, everybody was eating a lot and exercising little. These people would not motivate me with my plan because they wanted me to be with them ( eating usually), so what did I do? Defined that this was what I was looking for. 
  2. Find your selected group of influencers.  Since I couldn’t access personally people with that healthy lifestyle since I  wasn’t going to the gym or joining any fitness group ( that could be a great solution – but due to having a 6 months old at home made it impossible) I started to find videos on the internet on how to exercise at home, I started following on social media moms that were really fit, I started reading about health lifestyle from them. Finally a good use for internet!
  3. Connect. As I got deeper into it I started selecting my favorite influencers in the area. For instance, for exercising at home it was ( and still is, believe it or not 5 years later) Mel B videos. Yes Mel B from Space Girls. I know I know. But guess what? She has great 10 to 20 minutes video that are very intense, easy to make at home and super effective. Then I had my social media influencers and reading influencers. All of them Moms that were extremely fit, years ahead of me. I would then watch something, or read something from them every single day. 
  4. Raise your standard. From connecting to these virtual references I started to raise my standards. No longer I thought that moms had to be fat, unfit and unhealthy. I was being every day very fit moms, with great body and amazing health routine. After I gave up that concept I started to create a new reality for me. I started exercising every single day of my life, at home, with no excuses. If they could do it I could do it, and I did. 
  5. Refresh. Of course that depending on your evolution you will as time passes refresh your influencers and virtual connections. Sometimes you will feel as you grow that you no longer connect to that person, so you look for another one. The main point here is to keep you surrounded virtually by great achievers on that area. Don’t forget though that this should work as inspiration, reference  and raise your standards not for you to get overwhelmed by their success. 
  6. Get organized. For mind clearness and organizing I keep in my self-development journal( yes I have one) a list of the main influencers in my life. I list all areas and the three main ones. I do this so I have a clear picture of who they are and always re-check if I still agree with my choices. If not, or if I find someone that will inspire me more at that moment I will switch it. It is important for me to get the three biggest in each area because since there are many areas  then you don’t get overwhelmed and also have a “sequence” to follow. Also sometimes internet can get very overwhelming with so many people trying to get your attention with the little precious time you have. So if you do this you will be more focused, loose less time on people that don’t really inspire you and be more effective.

So you can do this with all areas of your life or even with a complete new lifestyle. Today I can say I am surrounded by gurus and influencers and that I am  working to definitely become the average of them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s  a great average because I have raised my standards so much higher.  

What about you? Are you ready to raise your standards? What did you think about this 6 steps to raise your standards?

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