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Coming out of the mainstream: the first 30 days that we have changed our life

Coming out of the mainstream and our first 30 days for our sailboat

 It has been 30 days we left our lives behind to embark on a new lifestyle.  I’ve always felt  that I didn’t belong to mainstream life, but also for a long time I had no idea that it would be possible to get out of it. After all, my whole life and all my references were from the mainstream lifestyle. After a lot of mentalization we’ve created an alternate path and that fits perfectly to our family. A path where I can be myself, without standards, without stereotypes and without having to prioritize things that distract us from what I believe should  be the major focus of life. 

We arrived in Trinidad 20 days ago and the first 12 days we stayed in the marina. There we spent days and days looking and looking for sailboats. Initially the frustration hit.  It rained all day, we were visiting sailboats that were closed on land for many years, that is, we had a few real option of sailboats.  We thought about going to another island, maybe Grenade or St. Martin. However after further research we discovered that the options were even worse and the cost of the trip would be quite high considering our 8 bags (remember that our “lives” are here). There are many sailboats here and there considered “projects” where you have to practically rebuild the whole boat.  There are people doing this kind of project for 20 years and it is definitely not in our schedule to do that.  So after all we decided to be persistent  and stay.

We left the Marina, rented a House,  and continued the search even though we had holiday after holiday. Gradually we interacted more with the locals, got some tips and made some connections that brought us the best sailing options. Best sailboats don’t mean perfect, certainly we’re going to have to compromise something at some point, but what is it? I don’t know yet, but I’m exercising the detachment of the perfection idea. At the end of the day the more detached I am from material things the more freedom I feel,

While the sailboat process is not over we’re enjoying to get to know Trinidad, taking advantage of our last days living on land and experiencing the local culture. One day at a time, living life to the fullest. Thirty days after our departure I got sure that we made the best decision of our lives. Have you ever thought of changing your life at some point?   


Another boat we visited. Hold Martina or she will jump straight away in the water.



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