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World trip Pre-start in Miami Beach

From equipments to a big family trip

The world trip has finally started. This first stop was mainly focused on getting all the equipment we needed to document the journey. Along with that I convinced my parents and brother to travel with us at least one leg. Did the same thing with my American family. With that, this ended up being an unique trip with  all my Brazilian and American family together. Great goodbye pack for whom is leaving on a world trip.

Miami is known for its shopping experience but we preferred to buy almost everything online and it worked really well. I couldn’t  had imagined having to go to stores to get everything we got  with two kids. When we got there there were at least three boxes waiting for us and we spent most late nights opening it up and finding out what equipment it was. 

We didn’t have much expectation from this first stop since we had so much to do but  we managed to go to Lincoln Road, take the trolly,  Dolphin mall,  Science Museum. We also did great stop but no pictures or videos for stand up paddling (well, that’s another story, Juliano was filming everything with the Drone but it ended up that because of the sun he couldn’t see me paddling so no images available ). 

 At the end we really enjoyed our time in Miami Beach. Conventional but really good! 


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