Lifestyle: 5 main prep steps for a lifestyle change from conventional to a nomadic life in a sailboat with kids
moments before a real lifestyle change

Lifestyle change prep

Lifestyle change from traditional living to nomadic life. How we are preparing everything to travel around the globe in a sailboat.

90 days. That’s the time we had to make it all happen: change a traditional way of living to prepare to start living in a sailboat in a nomadic life. All of that with two small kids age of 4 and 1 and a lot of “are you really doing it” pressure.

We have seen families planning for a year, 2 years even 10 years to change their lives to live aboard but we have decided to do that in 90 days. So basically the main points on preparing for the big lifestyle change were focused on:

  1. Finding the right boat. The boat will be our new house, we need to find a boat that fits our budget and our confort but mainly that gives us security for passages and sailing. This has been a very tough task. We have put a boat matrix with main features we need on the boat giving punctuation for every feature. We have done this to many boats and now we have narrowed it down to 15 boats.
  2. Trip preparation: this includes passport, visa for the first countries, airway tickets, health insurance, cash, banking arrangements, transportation. Lot’s of small details but all very easy to deal with if decision is clear
  3. Sharing our story: while we want to do this project we also want to share it. Set a blog, vlog, social medias. We want to inspire families to live their life to the fullest and having the right channels is essential.
  4. Trainning to survive and share: Sailing permit, first aid license, a lot of live aboard and sailing reading. Besides this, a lot of training on how to best perform in photography and video making, tools we will use to be able to share with you our adventure.
  5. School and kids life: lots of research on how to do homeschooling, how is it credited, different methodologies. Came down to the decision of using Oak Meadow private school program with a Waldorf pedagogy oriented.

   We are now in Miami getting all equipment to go to the caribbean and start the journey.

   We have done a lot but  we still have a lot to do.  

“just keep moving forward one day at a time. The view from the top is so worth the climb”

   If you like our project, get to know more about us  and check  why are we doing this 


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