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5 reasons why are changing our lives to travel around the world with two kids on a sailboat

Why are we changing?

We had to change quite a bit to be here today in this transition process. We came from a weekend or holiday living while working 16 hours a day and now we will beging in a new lifestyle. It’s certainly not easy but it is worth every risk, every fear we have had in the process.

So some people ask us, why? Why do you want to live on a boat and travel worldwide? Here are our reasons:

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  1. We don’t want just to exist, we want to live fully. We have only one life: every day is unique and every day could be our last day so we want to live everyday as if it was our last one. Emotions, love, passion, fear, we want to feel life more intensively. Many people just want to feel the same but they are always waiting on something to happen. Don’t wait, just go, you won’t regreat.


  1. Tired of the traditional way of living; Earning money and no quality life equation: it is usually like this, either you have time and you don’t have money or you have money but don’t have time. People talk about their possessions as if it is the most important thing on earth. We don’t care about that, we are tired of this model and believe we can build a different lifestyle: we can live doing what we love and inspire people to do the same.


  1. We love travelling: travelling makes you feel alive, teaches you so many things and gives you a sense of the world. We want to experience that again and give our children that world view. Both of us when kids used to travel on trailers with our families. It was an adventure after all. Being on a boat is like being o a trailer but on the water. Also the cruising community is very strong nowadays and we just love the ocean.


  1. We want to know more about the things that matter: when you are in a traditional way of living you don’t have time to think about the most important things. All you have to do is to think about work, solve problems, buy things. We want to know more about life, human behavior, develop our souls, discover and understand older civilizations, meet new cultures.



  1. We want to educate our children in a profound way: more than enrolling our kids in the best school  we want to be with them and experience their childhood with them. It’s not easy but it is a big mission. Educate experiencing new things and learning from the world. In times of big changes that’s we think will be more precious for them. Also, in 10 years they won’t care so much about us so we just want to enjoy this unique time of our lives with them. We also want to try showing them different ways of living that not only the traditional one.


Call us crazy, call us whatever, we just want to live life to the fullest today, not tomorrow.


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