Our first sailing route - where will we be going ? Sailing #Life_Somewhere

Our First sailing route

The Caribbean dream

Many people have been asking about our trip and what is the plan. So basically, our sail route journey will begin in the Caribbean through Trinidad & Tobago. We are here for about two weeks already hunting for boats. As soon as we get the boat we will equip it here with what it needs, do sailing lessons, get used to living on board, do sailing day trips, start homeschooling and so on. From here we will go to Grenada to stay the season and get ready for going up on the Caribbean chain.

We have planned to visit 27 countries in a 6 months timeframe. Besides getting to know the sandy beaches of all this beautiful places we want to get to know the culture, the people, the history of the place. The best part is that will be arriving in those places by boat which gives us a magnificent view and a very different perspective. After that we have other ambition such as Panamá channel but let’s leave this for later.

The Caribbean Dream will start with Grenada, St Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia and will go up to Bahamas, British Virgin Island, Turks Island. After going up the chain, our plan is to start coming back through Cuba, Jamaica and then Los Roques, the ABC Island, Cartagena, San Blas and finally Panama channel.

There is a lot to plan, study and accomplish in order to be prepared for all that. The first challenge isn’t finished yet. We are still negotiating the boat. There has been two holidays already since when we have arrived. Tomorrow is also a holiday so that makes us  having to wait to do the next steps. Control feelings like anxiety is one of the main focus until right now. Fortunately I have been in De Rose Method for more than 5 years and this has helped a lot.


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