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sailboat hunting

Looking for a sailboat to travel the world

Sailboat Hunting

The big mission has began and we are now  sailboat hunting with the kids. Looking for the sailboat to call “home” and travel the world with us. Not an easy job but I would say we are going well so far.

We have seen and sailed on one sailboat that we saw while in Brazil. We sailed on it for two hours and it was quite nice. The kids played all the time and made a little tent under the salon table. Vincent gave a 5 star to the boat and is anxious to start sailing. We crossed a small island and one of the channels they call Boca and at the end they dropped us off at the Marina where we are staying. Rain started minutes after we arrived and we just spent the rest of the day chilling off at the suite. 

We also went on to two marinas to start seeing boats. Service here is not something you can count on. We downloaded the technical description and had to do everything on our own. The lady just called a guy to take us to the boats but he didn’t know anything about it. It was like shopping for a car with a sales person that doesn’t know anything about cars. We visited three sailboats and all of them were on the yard which means that we needed to climb a very high ladder to get to the boat. Besides that we had to ride on the back of a small truck to get over where the sailboats were. A little adventure by itself.

Hot, humid, and dusty but we are excited!

Coming out from our first sea-trial. Will this be our boat?

View from inside the boat


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