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Leaving the old life behind

This is “the” day where we left our old lives behind. And on these moments sometimes simple things just have a special flavor. It wasn’t different this time. It was a very special moment for us and they were there. We were about to take t

he big step and change our lives. Best to do all of this with a great family by our side, supporting us and just being there for us, no asks, just being there. We already miss you all so much!

Getting ready for this trip was insane. We basically did this in a 3 months period calculating a  33% of delay. Well, as you can probably imagine we did use our 33% of delay for kids and Juliano getting sick and some other minor delays that adding up made us crazy at the last days. Nevertheless to say that everyone was getting super anxious and a lot of pressure was on us.

The hardest part on leaving the old life was exactly planning the new one and still being on the old. Everyone wanted to know about our plans but almost nobody really asked us the questions. Instead they were all supposing things. Apart from that there was the big pressure on traveling with such young kids. Where would they study? How will they be at the boat? What if they get sick? I had read about this challenge but never thought it was going to be so big. After it all I just think it made us stronger. 

After we got in the plane it was like winning in the lottery: “yes, we did it”. It was just the first step but it a great relief. We have now defini

tely left our old lives behind and are  beginning to build a new one, just the way we want. No rules, no must do’s, just getting ready to face new challenges and live life at the fullest. All because we want to live not just exist.


Leaving the old life behind






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