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sailboat kitchen

Our new sailboat to call it home

After a long time we got our sailboat to call it home

After 28 days looking for our new boat home we finally found our sailboat home! In the beginning it was really hard. I even thought at some moment that we were really crazy. After all, who leaves a life behind and comes with two kids age 1 and 4  to the Caribbean without having a proper boat but wanting to live aboard and sail around the world with very few sailing knowledge? Yeah, not many people but we did.

So as many say, “everything you ever wanted is one step aside from your comfort zone”. We focused on not giving up, kept the everyday search of at least one boat and kept persistent. One beautiful day we got a message from the marina’s office. Juliano went there and we got a little note with a name and telephone number saying: “la Quiero, 3 cabins, 2 heads”. We thought it was just one more old, dusty and missing all sailboat. I called and we set a visit for the other morning but  I also asked for the specs by email. When we received it we liked it a lot but there was one big issue, the price was really over our budget. I talked with the owner and mentioned that we were lower  than what they were asking and she said, “well come see her anyway”. 

The offer and the survey

So we did. The old owners had just arrived from South Africa and Brazil and they have lived aboard for the last 10 years.  I took a quick view and loved it. It had every thing we needed: the cabins, radar, charter plotter, liferaft, solar and wind panels, generator and even a microwave. We made a proposal. Honestly inside I just thought,” let it be”, if this is supposed to be our boat let it be. Days passed and we got a message from our second boat saying she got another buyer. We let it go.

Days passed and finally we negotiated it and came up to a deal. But when we thought everything was great, we got some news saying  that they needed to find a boat for them in order to sell the boat to us. How long should we wait?? and if they don’t find it? We persisted and waited some extra time. Having serenity and patience really pays off. Finally on Friday we the surveyed the boat and got a great response from the surveyor Billy Wray saying the boat was in great condition! 

One week later and here we are living aboard on our new sailboat home. Although the boat was ready to go there are still some minor details we have to take care of. Time has been short to do everything. The to do list is long and the time is very short with two little ones 24hrs a day but slowly we go step by step getting it all done, even this post that took a week for me to finish!


sailboat home
Photo from when we were doing the survey. We hauled out to check on the bottom


sailboat home haul out
Going up to inspect the bottom




marina, kids, family, dinghy
While some work on getting the bot inspected someone had to take care of the kids 🙂




surveyor, sailboat, lifesomewhere
Our surveyor Billy Wray. This guys has an amazing boat story and knows it all about boats. We feel like kindergarten when around him. I don’t know how he does it, it was like 35 degrees outside.

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