Life in Trinidad and Tobago, diversity and self improvement

Life in Trinidad and Tobago

Self-improvent and diversity

Trinidad is a new environment very different from the regular places we went to before. It feels amazing to be in such a diverse place, to be different, see different people and things. Sometimes in conventional life it just seems that everybody needs to be the same, do the same things and like the same things. Life is about diversity and us, human beings are part of this unique diversity and perfectness of the world. Being in Trinidad has been great to flourish  the awareness about many things in life. Every single day is a gift to be thankful for. When you feel that truly and live according to that, amazing things just happen.

And the one thing I love about being on this adventure is that you can definitely learn new things every day about yourself. The first week we were here it felt like most people weren’t very nice to us and were very cold, nothing like I had expected from the Caribbean people. It wasn’t until I left the expectation behind of how people should be and just accepted how they were that we started to meet some really nice and pleasant people. I guess with the right thought we attract the right things to us. 

Besides the learnings every trip can bring, Trinidad is about ethnic diversity. More than having different ethnicities, there are different cultures within one. African, Indian and Chinese are predominant and with a very strong root. Trinidad’s populations is of only one million people. But the mixture of the Creole tradition ( which mixes elements of Spanish, French and English tradition) and the Hindu culture are very present and strong in the everyday living. That brings an atmosphere of diversity and freedom to the island.

Here you can be anything. You can express yourself, your culture and feel like you belong to a bigger world. There is definitely no other place I would rather be.  


Vincent and Martina find new friends wherever they go.


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