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maracas bay in Trinidad and tobago

Maracas Bay: beautiful place in Trinidad and Tobago

A place worth being: Maracas Bay!

When you ask cruisers if it is worthwhile going to Trinidad and Tobago, most of them only talk about the marina’s facilities and that it is cheaper. In fact that is true ( and you realize that even more when you have just arrived in a new very expensive place) but there is much more to Trinidad that many don’t see or don’t have the time to see because they are focused on getting their boat fixed. 

Going up north in the Island you can find beautiful places such as Maracas Bay. We rented a car and went up. The way is beautiful, through the rain forest on this very narrow road and very curvy. Although only 32km, it took us more than one hour to get there. We enjoyed the beach on Maracas Bay. We went into the water, had some local food and came back before night time since we were very low on fuel. The way back was and adventure. We had no gas station in the middle of the rain forest, phone with almost no battery, gps not working, no water and food and kids hungry. Very scary but we managed to arrive back in the village. After that one I never leave the boat with my “survival. kit” for the kids.

We also went back another day at night time and it was really crowded. There was music going on and a food court taking place. We had a very nice dinner at one of those places and had back. We had lots of fun in Maraca’s bay and it is even worth finding a bed and breakfast and staying the night so you can enjoy more the place and the other beaches around.

If you are interested in knowing more about other things to do with kids (or not) in Trinidad, check it here our Zoo day and our  Bird watching. If you prefer, going to National Museum is a great option to know more about Trinidad culture. Going to the Central Market is perfect for the veggie and fruit lovers like me! By the way, @juli_veggieworld is my Instagram account where I share almost all that I cook aboard the sailboat.

maracas bay in Trinidad and tobago


maracas bay and family


caribbean trinidad and tobago at maracas bay


maracas bay in Trinidad and tobago

maracas bay in Trinidad and tobago

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