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The reason why we stopped cruising

By now if you haven’t been with us in a while you should be asking, what happened? You guys are not cruising on a world trip anymore? And the answer is NO, we are not.

We were having the bests days of our lives, living a life of freedom and love. There were many challenges but all of them made us feel more alive and close to each other. But in the middle of all that happiness we were caught by the most unexpected situation in our lives. Our baby girl, our little princess was not well.  She had had some small sickness points the last months but it all was taken care of. But this time we didn’t have a clue a what was coming. She was very sensitive for the last month, just wanted my lap all the time and had a little fever now and then. It comes out we take her to the hospital in Grenada thinking she has some kind of parasite. Everything was well until we are caught in a room with 10 doctors staring at her. We started to worry. After 3 days they told us had  Wilm’s tumor.On that very second he used the word “mass “, “tumor” I was screaming inside, fast heart beat, sweating and thinking: ” this is a nightmare, wake up!”.  It turned out I wasn’t sleeping, it was just our lives turning into a real nightmare.

The hospital in Grenada didn’t have a pediatric oncology team and neither any treatment for her. They would try to submit and get her accepted in other islands like Jamaica, Martinique or  Trinidad. That process would take minimum of 2 weeks. We didn’t have two weeks to sit and wait. We had to do something. We tried to find solutions to stay living on the boat somewhere ( this was our lifestyle, right?)  and still treat her.  All scenarios seemed fearful and insecure . That’s when we realized we had to give up everything to save our daughter.

Forty eight hours later we were leaving the Caribbean on a plane to Brazil.  The winds have changed for us. The dream is for sale and the Sails, well the sails are down for now.


I want to thank all our friends for all the help and also making this moment a happy sad moment!





wilms tumor baby girl

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