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Don’t be sad because it’s over, be happy because it happened

After months of melancholy with our project after everything that happened, today I finally took the courage to write again. Slowly I was picturing to come back, but today I had the final push and I got motivated. I can hardly believe it’s been almost five months since we arrived here in Brazil and that our expedition is over. Things are happening in such  great intensity that I can only think and live day by day, and when I look back it seems like everything happened yesterday. I still feel the wind breeze on my face when we sailed, I feel the energy of every sunset that we experienced when we were dining in our houseboat. There are so many good memories that I ended up avoiding remembering  them so I wouldn’t be nostalgic and would have energy to focus on Martina’s treatment.
 The truth is that today we are happier for the experiences we had than sad because the expedition ended. I have a lot of gratitude for every second experienced and more gratitude for having managed to return to Brazil so quickly and  been welcomed so well. All thanks to the help of my family, friends and acquaintances. After receiving Martina’s the diagnosis we flew towards Brazil in 48 hours and in less than 24 hours later we were  in the hospital talking to the doctors.  Yet all this  using public medical care since after all we had no more health insurance. It was scary but just until when we found out we were being very well taken care of. The second day we came back to the hospital the doctor redid the scans and the result was confirmed. 
We started the treatment on the same day and together we began the fight, minute by minute, day by day to survive, to have gratitude for life and strength to still be happy. A new reality has come to be a part of our life, to see a lot of sad things and to experience very difficult times. Difficult situations that make us grow, mature and move to experience life in an even more subtle way. Hard but very enriching. All this only reinforces my gratitude for every moment of joy and happiness we have had on this expedition. We lived life intensely, every minute and every breath of it. We still have a few steps to take in this fight with the little one but we are stronger than ever to overcome anything and then to follow our new path together. 
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