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what does live life to the fullest mean

What does Live Life to the Fullest mean – 8 concepts to Start living now

Live your Life to The Fullest – what does it mean?

   What does live Life to the Fullest mean ? Most People just don’t talk about this important things in Life. Our western society machine doesn’t really want you to think about  Life in a holistic view otherwise some of your consuming behaviors will probably change. You will spend less, be happier, and get out of the robotic lifestyle pattern and start questioning yourself. That can really have a big impact on traditional consumer and capitalist society.
live life to the fullest

The mainstream life philosophy

The mainstream philosophy about life nowadays is that you  just got to live in the system and find a way to be happy which mostly means  get “ rich “ by many. But with all the tools available in the mainstream  and without life consciousness all it does is to take you to the opposite direction. Have you ever felt that way?
I certainly have. But fortunately with all the obstacles I faced in my life and through the process of elimination and following my heart I discovered what I already had inside and was hidden most of the time because of the social layers I had put upon myself, When I finally connected the dots and found  out  what live your life to the fullest mean I changed my life completely. 

Process of elimination 

The process of knowing what you don’t want is sometimes the best way of finding what you want. I always felt so right when travelling for instance. I had no desire for material things, I felt fulfilled and a sense of belonging to the world. When I was back in my hometown all I could think of was work, make money and think of quick rewards to make me feel good (which lasted very short by they way). Those are the worst because you feel good for that period of time ( sometimes just an hour or less) and then start feeling really bad which makes the cycles very addictive. 
live life to the fullest beauty

  What live life to the fullest doesn’t mean. 

    1. Rich- Party Lifestyle – Although it may sound like it at first, living life to the fullest has nothing to do with a “party-type lifestyle” full of addiction for shopping, spending, eating, alcohol and drugs in some cases. That’s for sure a lifestyle but usually not the one that will make you feel fulfilled. These type of lifestyle, which millions of people are looking after because apparently they look attractive and they give instant pleasure, usually lead somehow to a unfulfilled life. Have you ever known anybody that had all it all and still felt depressed? Or that killed himself? The world is full of cases like that. 
    2. Problem Free life – Living the life to the fullest  also doesn’t mean you won’t have problems, that everything will be easy. On the contrary, to live life to the fullest usually you have to face your biggest fears, stand up for your thoughts and beliefs which can be really hard. Most of us in the west have been raised to make a living and little time was spent on true fulfillment  search and consciousness. Therefore one can spend a lifetime to discover what living life to the fullest mean for him and that can be really disturbing. But the best things in life come with overcoming difficulties. 
3. Living a life of full schedule and routine: it’s easy to be busy but does it make you live life at the fullest? 
4. Living on the weekends: don’t fool yourself, living on the weekends or out of vacations does not mean you are living life in the fullest. It means your are wasting your one life time most of the time.
5. Comfort Zone:  living life at the fullest is certainly the opposite of staying in your comfort zone and having everything ready for you.  You have to be ready to face your fears, do new things and that has nothing to do with your comfort zone. 

    So what does live life to the fullest mean?

what does live life to the fullest mean
It means to be truly alive and awake in life, living  and growing your true self,  getting immersed in life-changing experiences. 
In  another words it can mean: 
1.  Live every day as if it was you last day: We will all die someday, we just don’t know when. It can be tomorrow or in 50 years time but this day will arrive.  Developing a true consciousness about this fact and not ignoring it is part of the big change. Most people just ignore that fact they will die and keep loosing so many days and years of their life. Little by little life scape them and they just don’t see it. Be conscious that you have one life, one chance. Don’t waste it. There are many distractions in modern life trying to get your attention and if you are not conscious about your limited life and time you will just get pushed somewhere away from leaving the best life you could. Think like this, If it was your last day on earth how would you act, talk and speak? What would you do? Put more of that in your everyday life.
2. Listen to your essence and follow it : try to hear your real self more. This can be hard as we have so much noise inside and have always wore the social mask. It’s something to practice every day in every decision making you do. After deciding something, look inside and feel if that feels right, if it makes you calm and with serenity. If yes, you are on the right path. This can literally be done with everything. When you are nervous and are compulsively buying things. When you are choosing what to eat and so on. Little by little life will be more of the real you.
3. Live in the present moment: At the speed of our modern lives it is so easy to to spend your days living the memories of the past or thinking about the future. This is called  in Hindu tradition as living maya, the illusion. The real life is in the now. Only now we can feel happy and be ourselves. Only now you can change and the best version  of you. Every little second matters. Observing and living the now is the biggest step you can take towards living life to the fullest.
4. Appreciate the small things in life. When you start living the now and you feel the truth in your limited time in life you almost instantly start having more gratitude towards life. Living in the now gives you the opportunity to appreciate the smallest little things in life in a very intense way. Life itself is already a miracle and having gratitude for it can be life changing. Even if you are in a bad life situation, you can find something to be grateful for. When I received the diagnosis of what Martina had I was in shock but minutes later also felt so grateful for her being alive and that’s what I focused the whole treatment.
5. Live a life that has a meaning to your soul: When you are living with the social mask, you usually don’t look at your soul or self, the real you. There are so many things to do, you are so busy trying to accomplish things or you are so lost in social media, tv or technology that there is no relation between your ego and your true self. With that we get lost and live life that gives more money, that is more convenient, that gives us more confort or that is easier. When you are connected to your true self you start finding it difficult to accept this choices. You start questioning. You start thinking about the things you could that really matter to you and that have been blocked away. Feel it and face the challenge to go for it. Whatever it is. When things have a real meaning for us we are capable of facing anything and keeping that life gratitude.
For me it means is living a travel and nomad life in a minimalist way while exploring the world with my kids and influencing people like you to live to the fullest.
6.Detach from all material things. Material things are really good if we just get detached from them. Most people get so attached to it that they cannot change and do anything because of it. Others obsessively think about it and place success and happiness in having more and more material things. The system wants that. It wants you to buy more, to want more. This way you have to work more, and can be locked in the invisible prision of bills, masks and technology. Practice to detach. Live with less. See if all those materials really make you happy for that long or if at the instant you get them your are creating the next cool thing to buy. Remember to be loyal to you and see the truth behind the scene and always check how you are feeling in a holistic way.  
Being detached for me was just so good that I don’t get fooled by temptation or materials anymore. A great part my childhood was about detachment. No TV up to three year old, travelling in a trailler all my vacations. But there was a time of darkeness.  I felt in the trap of consuming. Finally I rescued my whole self I again years later after seeing that the more I earned the more I wanted and that there would be no satisfaction in that.  I didn’t want to feel craving for material things, it just made me feel really bad. And when I made the decision to live in a sailboat with 4 shorts and 7 shirts it just felt perfect. Not only that but all the process to detach from everything we had felt just great. At the end we feel more humans and more connected.
7. Give more: Belief to see and not see it to believe. Trust life and don’t expect things to come first. Give more of what you want first. The more you give the more you will get. When you give, you are expanding, letting go of fear and scarcity and opening up space within you to receive the natural abundant flow of life.  If you want love, give love to all those around you. If you want to receive more, give more first. In my past I see my giving evolving  and  can see  now that I am giving authentically. When that happens it feels magical. You just don’t expect anything in reward, you just want to give. How much are you willing to give?
8. Learn and explore: living life to the fullest has so much to do with growing yourself, being open for new experiences, learning something new that gives you pleasure or that challenges you. At the same time it is all about exploring life. Remember, we have only one chance, one life so what better than exploring it? I felt so bad when 7 years ago my weekend schedule as going to malls or just eating out. It really disturbed me and felt like I was loosing my life. Finally I started to hear my inner voice and began to do things that connected me to earth, nature and to being a human being. I started to go hiking,  running and so on. Just of seing all the nature, contemplating the silence, feeling the wind connects me back. 
9. Dream big: Never settle for less than the life your are capable of living. Don’t accept the excuses, listen yourself and your dreams and go get it. Don’t live someone else’s dream on tv, go pursue your own. Dream Big, be the master of your life, create a life of no regrets. Sometimes there will be a big staircase to arrive at your deepest dream but don’t be fearful of starting. Start today and give one step every day and enjoy the way. Living life to the fullest also means to enjoy all the journey and not only the destination.
what does live life to the fullest mean
I love that quote that says “ life is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist” by Oscar Wilde. It really shows how most people spend their lives. Living the fullest of your life involves getting out of your comfort zone, experiencing new places, culture, languages, trying to understand your role in the world, learning, suffering and getting to understand and experience life new perspectives.
Do you feel you need more in your life? Are you  in your  comfort zone  and you feel you deserve more? Do you want to change? I did and I am here to share my journey with you and hopefully inspire you to give the first steps. Living life to the fullest is a journey and you can start just now! 
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