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reseressentimento do sucesso de outras pessoas

How to keep away from resenting other people’s success?

If you followed my guide on how important it is to raise your standards, you saw that in order to do that you have to connect with successful people either online or offline. The reason for it is that doing that you will be surrounded by people that are better than you in that area and you will have to get out of your comfort zone and raise your standards.

But one thing that you have to watch out is to not fall on the trap of resenting other people’s success.

Sometimes, you end up just looking at how amazing these people are, how much they have conquered that it can get overwhelming. Back to my fitness goals, sometimes I would look at such great fit moms and I had raised my standard so high that I got depressed about myself. I was so far away from it. My son was just three months old and I had lots to loose. When you fall into that trap what happens? You stop acting because you loose your focus on the now and want the immediate result. Since it’s not possible usually you give up or you loose some precious days of work. 

How to keep away from resenting other people’s success?

According to Tinny Budha, “A heart that is full of gratitude has little room for conceits or resentment”. Besides that, bellow are three tips to help you avoiding resentment and keep rising and changing your life for the better:

stop resenting other people's success

1.Remember every one is on its own development path: it doesn’t matter how good or successful you think that person is. She or he is also on a development path and have passed through a lot to get there. They didn’t wake up over night and got that result. Everyone has it’s own time, and your time has started now, isn’t it great? 

2.You will always have someone in front and someone behind you: that’s how it works. You won’t be able to be the best in everything so accept other’s people success with no resentment.

3.Keep track and focus on every little progress: of course if you keep track and focus only on the biggest result it will be hard to not resent other people’s success. You will be working on your goal everyday and won’t be as good as someone that already works on that for five years. Keep track of your progress, even if it is small. In my case, I focused on the habit of exercising every day, so every day that I did it  I would celebrated it. In that way you can raise your standards and feel motivated to keep going with no resentment.

Enjoy the way and don’t get overwhelmed

Enjoy the path is also very import, maybe more important than just getting there. Try this formula so you don’t get overwhelmed and keep consistent looking to raise your standards to change your life completely and life it to the fullest. 

I would love to  know what are your experiences with it. Can you do it? Is it easy? Do you have a better way of not resenting other people’s success?

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