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Surfing & trekking in Laguna

Laguna is a hidden paradise in South Brazil. A place full of nature and lot’s of fun stuff to do that we could stay there for so long. We have a cousin that lives there so we decided to visit. So many good memories to remember since we were dating and now going through it with the kids was so great. They loved to hear and see the places we had the stories about. 


First and most favorite trekking was going from Mar Grosso to Gravatá. We took the ferry and crossed the river and from there we walked up to Gravatá. It is a 30 minutes or more trekking that is really worth. As we arrived we had the beach for ourselves!
On the way back we crossed some cattle and had the funniest flashback moments now with the kids!!

Pedra do frade

It was a long time since we didn’t see such a beautiful sunset. We got the car and drove off more than 22km on the sand. We finally arrived at some rocky hill and went with our 4×4 on it! Adventures apart when we arrived on the top, what a view!! One of the best from all times. We had so much fun that we went back on the other day for some star watching and a little fire.

Farol de Santa Marta

We also could not avoid going to Farol. With great waves and in a beautiful day we enjoyed every second of it. We had lunch on a great little place and then drove around all beaches just enjoying the vibes.

Whale watching in Laguna

Ohh we also saw many whales!! It was whales season and we were lucky to see many of them. We just stopped at the beach and kept looking until they appeared!


Laguna is very big but this is our highlights of it!! Click here for more options on what to do. Have you ever been there? Tell us about your favorite thing about it with the kids 

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