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becoming a digital nomad family

Becoming a digital Nomad Family

In 2017 we changed our lives to live fully nomad in a sailboat around the world with our two Kids. It was supposed to be a five year trip. But little by little our references of lifestyle started changing radically. It made no sense to live the conventional life anymore and we were in a new reality that made sense to us. Before we expected we had to come back. I was a major issue, and at the end we had no choice. We passed through a lot and suffered so much. But with the suffering and hard times you also learn quite a bit. 

A new lifestyle

We have learned that we want not only to sail around the world with our kids again but also that we want to live the nomad lifestyle indefinitely. It’s not just a 5 year project anymore, it’s what we love and it’s what we are structuring ourselves to do again with no end date. In the meanwhile that we still gotta be here, we are building on different digital strategies to generate passive income so when the right time comes, we can fly again : ) and I am sure we will. 

becoming a digital nomad family

Building the Digital structure to become full time Nomad

I have worked with Digital Marketing since 2003 and since 2012 I have applied all my knowledge to help building millions of dollars companies. Now the time has arrived to build something for us and to help you to do the same. 
Finding your way in to the digital & nomad world is no way easy and I expect to truly help you with insights of a digital & nomad mindset. I really wish someone had guided me through this. I will do my best to guide you and give you valuable shortcuts !

This session of the blog will be great for you if you:

  • Are looking to become a Digital Nomad or loves traveling and would love to live the travel dream.
  • Want to change your life completely and one predominant factor is time and mobility.
  • Want to live your life to the fullest 80% of the time and not the opposite time around.
  • Have kids and want to live a nomad style  with them but doesn’t see a way.

Not ready yet? Jump to Live life to the fullest section and this might help you to get more of life just the way it is with minor changes!

Want to know more about our story? Click here for our full experience !

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