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choose your lifestyle

Choose your Lifestyle

Choosing our lifestyle is not something everybody do truly. Most of us choose a lifestyle within certain beliefs and conviction we got from the mainstream. From early ages we are taught to choose always thinking on the money it will generate us. And depending on how are your family’s belief pattern you are stuck in a lifestyle that doesn’t fit you. This is so strong that sometimes it seems there is really no another option. But as Maya Angelou said,

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

A generation that brings back the values

In times where everything turned out so mechanic, we have to look and see new behaviors arriving. Life is always dual and where there is a shadow there must be light. Although mostly misunderstood by many, and seen as lazy and unmotivated, the Millenials are really shifting the value and opening a big new perspective for all of those that want to see beyond. Their motivation is to add value and not just accept market and social imposed conditions.

If you are one, you will see this as something probably natural but for anyone older, Generation Y+ this is life changing. We have been thought that we should, from kids, study, behave, follow the rules, believe the “mainstream” truth and find a good job. Buy a house, a car and have a family. There was not really another option unless some “very unreliable” paths.

A lesson to be learned on how to choose your lifestyle

Out of the comfort zone and looking for value and self realization, the Millenials really give us a lesson. The first one is that that we can design our lives. We can follow our values and meet our passion with knowledge and adding to other people’s life.

What I really hope is that more Generation Y and X see this as a beautiful opportunity to be who they truly are. Transform their life into a dream life and choose their lifestyle. No more fear, but choosing a adventurous and fun life.

Break your paradigms, add value, choose a lifestyle

choose your lifestyle

Of course many paradigms have to be broken to for us to get there. We have years and years of self imposition thoughts. We live in fear following a recipe that doesn’t take us anywhere but into our comfort zone.

It’s time to awake. It’s time to raise our awareness and change your life. Life is impermanent and everything is in constant change so I deeply encourage you to surf the wave and go for it. And don’t worry: as Jelmer Pé said:

“If you create a positive change in people’s lives, you’re creating value💎. And value can always be monetised💰. The first rule of business is you get paid in proportion to the value you bring to the marketplace.”

So: ❤️ –> 💎 –> 💰

Value + lifestyle = live life to the fullest

Finding your value will bring so much of how you want your lifestyle to be and then will show you how can add value to other people’s life.

A person that absolutely loves surfing and being on the ocean shouldn’t be living on a beachless place and working as a business man. That person will just live out of weekends and holidays. How happy do you think he will be? Wouldn’t it be better to move to a place where he/she can be by the beach and then trying to add value on this environment?

Once you find where you can or would like to add value, slowly you can start creating your new lifestyle based on what you love, admire and feel passionate about. You will do things with purpose and your lifestyle will undeniably change for the better. Make a plan so you can migrate from your current life to your dream life and follow it. Things won’t happen overnight but if you don’t act and understand to value your lifestyle then you will never change.

Choose for a lifestyle that value experiences over things, that make a better world for you and others and most of all, choose a lifestyle that you can live your life to the fullest daily. For me it’s about helping people to live life to the fullest while exploring the world and knowing more about myself.

What value can you add? Look at yourself and if you don’t see the answer don’t give up! Go look for it, try to dive deep inside and rescue your true self! It is hidden somewhere there!!

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choose your lifestyle
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