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5 reasons you should use journal

For most people it may sound awkward but using a personal development journal has helped me change my life to live it to the fullest considerably. More than all gurus have already talked about it, here is why for me it’s so amazing:

  1. It’s one of the simplest ways to keep track of my achievements, failures and improvements.
  2. It helps me to observe my thoughts, emotions and it’s patterns 
  3. It is a creative space with no filter. You don’t have to be cautious with one idea, your journal will accept everything you can think of with no prejudice
  4. It helps me to be on track with my goals and life purpose
  5. It is easy to recollect any thought or idea that I placed in it. I use a digital app for it, so using the appropriate tags I am one click away from many important journal notes I have made

It is a really helpful tool and if you are willing to change your life to live life to the fullest. I super recommend you do it. As you know living life to the fullest requires lots of personal development, growth, getting out of comfort Zone and therefore having a personal development journal will be critical for your success. 

How  you can start using a personal development journal

personal development  journal
  1. Choose between Paper or Digital :Select if you prefer a paper journal or digital journal. I use it digital for many years now mostly because I can access it anywhere without having to carry anything extra. It’s very practical and no excuses to no dot it. But I have confess I am passionate for paper ones too. Lately I have one in paper too for more in depth thoughts just because I love it so much.

2. Create a writing pattern: Decide on the main topics you will write everyday or at least most days. For instance, I write: 3 things I am grateful for the day. What did I do well and what needed improvement today.               What are my goals for tomorrow. Ideas. Thoughts and new learnings.

  3. Decide on time and frequency: I prefer to do this at night so I write down all my gratitude for the day that has just passed, all my impressions about the days, what I learned, that I have to get better at.  Also I already look to write down what will be my biggest goal on the other day. It doesn’t matter if it is morning or night, just pick one you feel more comfortable with and start doing it.

Remember initially it will need your discipline to get going but sooner than later you will get the habit of it and will never stop it again. Remember, as Tonny Robbins always says: “Repetition is the mother of skill”. Journaling can be life changing! And according to Your Positive Oasis, if you keep a journal daily, you will start or finish your day “with a positive mind-set, stay on track with your goals, keep productivity high, and also increase your happiness”.

Do you already use a personal journal? Tell me your experience with it?

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