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why you can't live life to the fullest

 4 Reasons Why you can’t Live Life to the Fullest and How to Solve it

You are one step away from starting living life to the fullest. But at the same time do you feel like it’s so distant?  I have felt this way and know how hard it is . It paralyzes us and that’s exactly what we cannot let happen. Here are some of the reasons maybe why you can’t live life to the fullest :
1. Big dream: Maybe you have a dream but  you are so far from it that it feels almost impossible to think your dream is doable and this demotivates you to pursue living life to the fullest now. 
2. Comparison: you look at those who have already succeeded  and it seems they got there so easily and for you it seems it will take so much.
3. Support: you probably won’t feel a lot of support coming from others to live life to the fullest. That’s because most people are living a robotic and unfulfilled life. Usually  they either don’t know anything different or they won’t want you to live to the fullest because they will loose you in some way besides with that new standard it will make them feel  worse about their own life. 
4.Self-development/ ego: you are at a stage that you don’t  know what you want from your life or you see instant-pleasure life as all there is to life. You understand about living life to the fullest as you read it but you don’t feel it yet. 
why you can't live life to the fullest
             A Combination of one of this things or all of them can happen and make it all seem so difficult. Those are some of the main reasons maybe why you can’t live life to the fullest.  
             But remember the difficulty is only in your mind. Your mind, more precisely your ego likes to stay with what is safe even if it is not a good thing.That’s why sometimes we keep doing things that hurt us so many times, it’s because even though we know it’s bad, our ego already knows what’s going to happen and how to react to it. That way so it sticks with it. 

Don’t give up, start acting now!

So before you get frustrated and paralyzed thinking this is happening to you only, get prepared for it. If you are really committed to living life to the fullest, help yourself with everything you can to succeed ( because nobody else will). Here are some tips on how you can act :

1. Planning:

Start now with small choices but also stop for an hour or so to plan exactly what it is that you want. Maybe you won’t find the perfect exact answer in the beginning. That is okay. Try to find  an emotion that you want to feel more constantly. For me, it kept coming the word freedom. From there I worked to deepen it and see what would give me the feeling of freedom. What is it for you?

2. Keep your plan to yourself:

since most people won’t support you, try to keep your plans to you in the first moments. That way you won’t have people criticizing right at the beginning. Make better choices and start feeling great and living on the now and without a word you will shine like a new life to all.

3. Focus on yourself:

Look at others to get inspired not to get overwhelmed. Do yourself a favor and don’t go in social media more than once a day and for 5 minutes. Put a timer and find another app to click when you have nothing to do and your addicted finger press Facebook app. Start instead getting this moments to live in the now. Appreciate your life, review your plans. Look and be thankful for nature. When I have already done that and still have time and want to peak on social media I open kindle to read on my phone. Find what you could do but please do not martyrize yourself over others life.


 4.Get connected:

Do everything you can to disrupt the autopilot in you. When you get connected to the source /universe or God things flow and you will start to get more insights, more energy and more courage to do things. You can find your own way of doing it. I do daily yôga practice, including meditation and breathing exercises. Being in the nature and exercising outdoors is another way of getting connected for me. And for you what is it? If you don’t know, I highly recommend looking for it and if nothing seems like it I would say you are probably very distant from the connection and you will have to start doing things even though you don’t feel like it. For this cases I would say yôga practice is the best. 

Start transforming your life today

Watching these four step will  help you to not get frustrated. Start today. Don’t wait a minute to start transforming your life and living life to the fullest. And please let me know how this helped you any how! I would love to know it!
If you want to know more about my story and how we lived aboard a sailboat with two kids click here 
why you can't live life to the fullest
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