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why live life to the fullest

5 reasons why live Life to the Fullest now

You know what living life to the fullest means but you still don’t know why you should live life to the fullest? 

Bellow 5  reasons why live life to the fullest

  1. One life. We have one life only. As Time passes I am sure you want to look back and see that you had a very meaningful path. This is simple but yet very hard to process with all the social layers we have today. Society insists for you not to think that you and everybody else will die because maybe if you did take that into consideration maybe you wouldn’t be doing many of the things you are doing today. 
  1. Mortality : remember yourself, you are a mortal being. Isn’t it a miracle that you wake up every day alive? Most of us think about dying only when we get very old. And although there is a chance for that, years pass very fast. But there is one more thing to be considerated: you might not last that long. It’s hard to face it but we don’t have a end date. It could be tomorrow. So, isn’t that a good reason to live life to the fullest today? So don’t wait for a near death situation to see this or worse, wait until you are old and have lost all your time
why live life to the fullest
  1. Miracle of life: stop for a minute. Don’t you think this life is a Miracle? How come everything is so perfect? We have a planet that provides us everything from a little seed to giant trees and clean water. What about our reproduction process? If we stop to think this is completely crazy. So amazing, so perfect but yet so small compared to the whole universe. With that in mind do you really think you were meant to watch tv and work on something that gets you really stressed?
  1. You deserve it! I am sure you have passed through a lot of hard life situations in your life, have struggled to succeed according the western culture and haven’t  really felt fulfilled. There is no one that deserves it more than you.  
  1. Nobody will do it for you: one of the most frequent human behaviors is to feel pity for him/herself and trying to make others feel too.  It’s a way of asking for help, getting attention and trying to feel better. But it usually doesn’t lead to anything better. We feel not taken care of, with no real help. So don’t wait someone to do everything for you, tell what to do and less, don’t expect that they will make you feel better. No one will. You have to do it for yourself. No matter what is your life situation, you need to realize that a meaningful life depends only on you. Don’t blame anyone else. 
According to the website Eu sem Fronteiras, “What you need to understand is that everything is holding you back in a reality that you do not want to live in. That does not mean that you can only wish for a life change.  You have to create a new purpose, work hard to live life to the fullest in the way you dream “
Would you include anything else that is special for you?  It doesn’t matter what reasonates with you more, just go out there and start living life to the fullest. Don’t know how? start here
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