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velejando em angra dos reis

Sailing in Angra dos Reis – Brazil

In the past, I loved to see photos and follow so many people that live onboard. So much so that my Instagram had turned out to be just that. But after everything that happened it was inevitable to make a clean up and take everything away from my sight. The memories were painful and each picture was a pain. Looking at it, reminded me of the simple and  wonderful moments we had and this generated a great nostalgia.
And so the months have passed since we came back from our adventure aboard Life Somewhere. Until we decided to spend New Years in Rio de Janeiro. It came to my mind at that moment that it would be cool to be onboard a sailboat for New Year. However, the logistics were difficult, the price exorbitant. I forgot about it. But it was then that we unexpectedly changed the schedule.  Instead of going up to Arraial do Cabo  after staying five days in Rio, we decided that we had to go down to the South so that we would be on the route back home too. All that we decided the day before almost at Midnight.

The decision to go to Angra dos Reis

As I searched places, I remembered that we had never been to Angra dos Reis. I started  looking up for Angra. I also remembered that I always heard that Angra is really cool by boat. “Sailing in Angra dos Reis would not be bad”, I thought. While everyone slept I wandered on the internet. That’s when I came across a charter ad. Fearing  the feelings I would feel I asked for more information and went to sleep. I let it flow.
On the next morning, without any  ambition that something would work, I received a message from Bruna from @veleirocaboges. The timing was great and they had a 24 hour window that we could go onboard.
Among many emotions, I spent the trip nervous and worried about how I would be feeling getting on board again. We embarked late afternoon. The heat was intense. As I stepped into the Marina, the memories came one by one and brought me a lot of joy. Not just me. When I noticed, Vincent felt at home in the Sailboat.  Martininha was walking up and down on the boat, now alone.
Sailing in Angra dos Reis

Sailing in Angra dos Reis


Paradise in Brazil

Angra dos Reis is a paradise for those who enjoy sailing. With 365 islands, the options are endless. Jairo and Bruna chose to take us to the island of Gipóia, a beautiful island with a beach that reminded me of Trinidad. We took the dinghy and went to the beach. We made a small trail and felt happy and grateful to be there.Sailing in Angra dos Reis
In the late afternoon, as we always did, I made our simple dinner. We ate it outside on the deck together. Us, the sky and the stars that hid under a black cloud that threatened us. It was night and between laughs and memories with the children, soon we would run inside of the sailboat to witness a hot rain and the swaying of the waves. We spent the night there, anchored in that new paradise for us.

Ilha Grande and Tapera Beach

The next day we woke up with a big swing and set off for Ilha Grande. On the island, we anchored on Tapera beach. We did stand-up paddling with the kids and stayed at the beach. The children made friends and played while we interacted with other cruisers and were remembering so many incredible stories. In that, we even discovered that our old floating house is now in Panama. The Tapera beach is great and reminded me of the Caribbean vibes, specially Grenada and Prickly bay Beach. It does have more infrastructure though, two floating restaurants and one great restaurant at the Beach.
Sailing in Angra dos Reis
Happy, I thank every second for that experience sailing in Angra dos Reis. Although it was quick, I am sure that it is on the ocean and living aboard that  I belong and that sooner or later we will return!
Super recommend for sea lovers an experience aboard a sailboat in Angra. Sailing in Angra dos Reis is amazing and Bruna and Jairo from @veleirocaboges were awesome. Also, if you have never sailed before, it is a lifetime experience!
Bruna and Jairo, here is our record of thank you for the experience !! Good winds to you!!! Hope to see you soon!
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Sailing in Angra dos Reis
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