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change your life completely

8 Steps to change your life completely

When you are sure that you want to live your life to the fullest things are going to change. And change completely. 
That doesn’t mean that you will at first  change your job, your house, where you live. You might get into that too but change begins from small things.
If you have already changed on the small things then you might feel it’s time to change your life completely in a more of an aggressive way. If not, do not worry, follow the step by step bellow:

  1. Get disturbed.  The first step to changing your life completely is to get disturbed. Words of one of the best coach in the world , Tonny Robbins. There is nothing more important than being tired of where and what you are. You really need to be fed up with your life situation. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad on the eyes of the others but if for you it is bad, that’s more than enough. If you are disturbed and will accept no more this situation then you are ready for change. We won’t change anything unless we really don’t  like it. Otherwise we will just keep giving up on whatever we try.
  2. Appreciate your life.Gratitude for what you have whatever it is now is a must. I know sometimes it seems very difficult to appreciate and be grateful in the hard moments but let me tell you that even on the hardest life situations we can find positive things to focus on. When my one year old daughter had cancer I had all the reasons to not appreciate life at all. But somehow I managed to look on the positive side. I was so grateful for every minute that she was alive and that I was with her. I was grateful for each day that she wasn’t feeling sick or wasn’t at the hospital.  Those were the hardest times of my life  but I am very grateful for it, as it made me learn so much. So be grateful for what you have now. If you don’t know how to do that now you won’t be able to be grateful in the future as well. 
  3. Accept what you have.I know you want to change your life but, before you do, you have accept the life that you have now. If you are in a constant state of non acceptance and rejection then you don’t leave any space for new things to come because you are so preoccupied on rejecting. Accept what you have now, understand why you have it and live with acceptance of this moment. 
  4. Start acting. It’s not because you are accepting your life that you won’t have a plan to transform it. Start planning, start dreaming about the life you want for yourself and start acting every little moment towards getting it. For me it started stopping to spend the weekend in my hometown and traveling to the beach. It made me so much happier. Then I started camping again. Instead of going to a hotel in the weekend we went camping. It felt so amazing. All these little steps until we made the big change of living aboard a sailboat. So break your dream in small actions and enjoy doing every one of them even though it’s not yet the perfect future you wish.  When I started to love and enjoy the path it was so much easier to access the big step.  
  5. Get inspired.  Try to look within you to see what really inspires you. Maybe it’s something you did when you were a kid, maybe you have never done it, maybe you do it sometimes. Maybe it’s a different lifestyle.  Try to get connected to your real self and feel with no paradigms what makes you happy. You probably won’t get a precise and unique answer but you will certainly get activities and lifestyles that inspire you and make you feel good.  For me it is traveling and exploring the world. Since I was a kid I used to camp with my family. We travelled to many countries in South America in a trailer, usually to beach places. Doing this process I found out that traveling really fulfills me  and gives meaning to my life, takes me to my essence so that’s when I got the courage to change my life completely and travel the world in a sailboat with my family.  But more than that I also changed my life from:
change your life completely and be grateful
  • Social drinking ->  non alcohol drinking for 7 years
  • Meat lover -> 7 years plant based vegetarian
  • Non active lifestyle – >a every day exercise routine completing a half marathon last year
  • Non existent self development plan -> 7 years of yôga practice giving me so much on self development
  • Non sustainable life -> being careful with many environmental issues ( organic eating, saving water, not using plastic bags etc, this is still under development)
  • Traditional school pedagogy -> Waldorf education -> worldschooling
  • Very consuming -> project 3 33
  • Workaholic – > 12 hour week work time, balancing time, money and mobility
  • Locked in traditional living – > living life on my terms in a unconventional way

These are all things I slowly identified I admired in other people and step by step I implemented in my life. It didn’t happen all at once. I started working and still work on it every day. 
So what are the things that inspire you? If you could go crazy and nothing else matter what would you want to do? Listen to this answers, your fulfillment lies somewhere near there. Maybe you will have to do some adaptions but the core is there. When I decided I wanted to travel the world, since I had two young kids and a surfer husband we decided to do that by boat since we would still have a home to call ours but would be so close to the ocean. 

6. Unlock your potential  Between getting disrupted and start acting lies your potential. Your potential is unlimited. You might not think so but it is. You have the potential to do anything you want. But there is one component to unlocking unlimited potential to you: believing. If you believe that you can do it, you will unlock your potential to do whatever you want. If you don’t believe then you won’t use all your potential, won’t act with all your strength and of course the result won’t be as you expected.

8.Believe in you  It doesn’t matter how far you are from your dream lifestyle believe you can do it. You can change it. Don’t postpone your dreams or start planning to do things when you retire, or when the kids grow, or when you have this or that. This things is what keeps you from an amazing lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what barrier you have in front of you, believe that even with that you will find a solution and get to live life to the fullest living your dream lifestyle or doing whatever you love. Here is where most people give up. If you really believe it  will mean you are available to get out of your comfort  zone and do whatever it takes to get it. For me the barriers where that I have two young kids that needed education, I had a great traditional 9-5 job, no extra money to spend away. How did I break it? I decided to be a homeschool mom, teach the world schooling or unschooling way, quit my job but before saved money. Easy? Hell no, it does take courage but if it didn’t everybody would be living their life dreams, right?

8. Get out of your comfort  zone Changing your life completely means getting out of you comfort zone, being brave to face whatever needed to change your life. While it can be challenging it is also very rewarding to every little step you take facing your fears. Remember, you won’t be fearless but you will be brave and brave means doing it even though you fear it. When I decided to quit my job, buy a sailboat with very little experience of course that I feared but I was willing to do it anyway. The worst it can happen is go wrong and you learn with it. So just go! Of course I recommend that you plan things in advance, research a lot about what you want, meet people that already life the lifestyle or do what you love.

And my last thought to change your life completely would be raise your standards. You deserve to create your own reality in a great way so raise your standards, just go and start now!

As Lolly Daskal from Inc.com said “f you’re not where you want to be in your career–or, for that matter, in your life–never let yourself believe change is impossible. Don’t allow your future to be limited by your age or your situation; stop being afraid of what might go wrong and start getting excited about what could go right”

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