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Birdwatching and getting kicked off from the waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago!

Birdwatching in Trinidad and Tobago at Asa Wright Nature Institute

We decided to go in the middle of the rain forest  in the Arima Valley to do some birdwatching and a small tracking with the kids at Asa Wright Nature Center. This was one of the first nature center in the caribbean and is made of 1.500 acres of forest and wildlife.

The road to get there said only 32km but it takes like 1.5 hour to get there. Curves after curves and some creepy road. Locals don’t really care for traffic rules and it is all insane and dangerous when driving. In spite of that we  had some nice Indian music going on and a great vibe! Being in the middle of such precious nature is revigorating! 

As we arrived in a the very charmy porch there were many hummingbirds around.  We went for  the tracking and birdwatching. It is interesting how every specie has its own habits and sounds. We could stay all day searching, reading and looking at the birds. Life feels perfect and meaningful when we are connected to nature.

Waterfall in a secret spot

On the way back we decided to stop in a secret spot waterfall some locals had told us. As we arrived we looked like “tourist attraction”, everyone was staring at us. We didn’t know what was the matter, so we didn’t care and just kept enjoying it.  But all of the sudden, there was a very serious guy looking at Juliano and wanting to talk him.  I was afraid. I thought they were going to do a real fight. At the end we  got kicked out of the waterfall because our car was parked on the wrong place and they also thought we hadn’t paid for the entrance in the birdwatching institute. We apologized, said we didn’t know it was forbidden to park there and just left quickly!

birdwatching with babies and infants
2 hours of Birdwatching tracking. Getting out of comfort  zone and appreciating life.


The view from the porch


kid looking at flower
world schooling



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