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Living aboard – how is it to live in a sailboat

Living aboard has been very intense, but quite amazing. 

When living aboard with two children there is no time at all for things  that are quite normal in conventional life like watching tv and internet. At the same time there is a full moon on my window in the middle of the night, there is dining under the starts and sailing to amazing places you would never get if it wasn’t in a boat.

It feels we are closer to earth and without the distractions we humans have created and got lost in. We think about our essential needs, like food and taking care of our home and are very connected to the nature. The rain, the sun, the ocean, the plants, this become all very important. We appreciate all advancements  that society has done but at the same time now we can recognize it as human development and not as the main things in life. There is a beautiful life out here, out of the formicary! you just have to break the rules and come out. Sometimes I used to sneak peak outside of the ant farm, that helps to get some fresh air but also for me it gave me a sad feeling that life were only on this short days. What was I doing on the other days with my life?

Of course living aboard can be really challenging at sometimes with small children but every good moment is usually a great moment and kids make things very intense. 

Our boat is a Northwind 43.5 ft. It has 3 cabins and 2 heads, a galley, a small office and all we need in terms of boat to sail worldwide and be energy auto sustainable. We are really happy with our new floating home. Feeling thankful and blessed for being able to have this boat!

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sailboat kitchen
My favorite part of the sailboat: the kitchen or galley as we say



sailboat office
The captain’s office!
kids sailboat bedroom
Kid’s bedroom!
sailboat heads
Our shower in the captain’s suite


sailboat bathroom
Our sailboat bathroom
I love that it has plenty of space to put all my stuff!


master suite in sailboat
Captain’s suite! really happy to sleep looking at the stars!


front cabin sailboat
The front cabin, Martina was taking her morning nap there!


bathroom in a sailboat
front head with one more shower and toilet


sailboat live aboard
Our main area with lots of light and space for everyone
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