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Hard Days: How to still live your life to the fullest on them

Today I’m on one of these tough days. Day that energy becomes denser, the motivation smaller and the mind nostalgic. Every three months I need to go back with my daughter, now 3 years old to check up on her cancer treatment done one year and a half ago. Inevitably the day becomes difficult. Remembering everything we’ve been through, shivering inside during the exams, seing all children still in treatment, managing all the difficult thoughts that come up. But today I learned how to respect and accept this pain. I ended up creating a specific mindset for these days and a little prescription to smooth the process.

This leads me to say first of all that

“Living life to the fullest does not mean living all your days without pain, sadness or suffering. But perhaps you want to say that you can make the most of your pain and your sadness.”

Pain leads to unconsciousness

Most people when faced with a difficult time, end up in a state of great unconsciousness, causing them to become extremely reactive to everything that happens in their environment. It’s the typical “everything in my day is going wrong” syndrome. In fact maybe something went wrong and after that, as the person entered a state of unconsciousness, she was led to just react to all other situations and this usually generates more pain and problems. Immersed in pain and unconsciousness, the person pretends not to be happening anything and gets more irritated and frustrated with things. Sometimes something that could have lasted a day lasts weeks due to the way the person reacts to sadness.

A recipe for the hard days

Transform your pain into your gift

The fact is, there’s another way. The path where we can see pain as a gift, a learning. After all I’ve been through in my history, I like to think that the best days are the hard days. Yes, it’s paradoxical but when you know what to do with your pain (which is inevitable) you have the power to turn your pain into a precious gift.

And it’s just as I feel my pain that I’ve decided to come and share with you here, the mindset and the receipt for these days so difficult that sometimes they pass by us. So let’s go:

Mindset for tough days

Step 1 – If you notice and understand that the problem is not external but internal, that you are sad, for whatever reason, detect your emotional state. Often we want to go over this feeling and the more you do it the more it grows. When you observe how you feel, you throw the light of consciousness into your emotions and can then take action to help yourself.

Step 2 – Accept sadness. Welcome it, not in the sense of staying from MIMIMI all day but to respect the feeling and seek to listen to it. In fact, when you accept pain, you stop fighting it, stop creating all that internal discussion that just takes you to the bottom.

Step 3 – You don’t need to stop doing the things you had planned for a normal day but you can try to adapt them as much as possible. Make things slower, with more attention to the present moment and pain. Allow yourself to feel the pain. Maybe it’s something new to let the pain feel, no fight, no war.

Step 4 – Try to welcome yourself and understand what this pain has to teach you if you transcend it. Pain is the main element for transformation. And that’s why I say that if you want to become your best version you need to be grateful and accept your pain, because only then can you learn from it and take another step towards your best version. While most complain, whine, and stay mimimi, you learn.

Afraid to comfort himself

A recipe for the hard days

Of course, all this brings challenges and takes us out of our comfort zone and that’s why I have a little recipe to welcome me (remember that no one maybe will do it for you, then puts self-responsibility into practice instead of self-victimization and follows the tips to down to make the most of this state for its evolution

Recipe for the Hard Days

Tip 1 – take a hot, light-out bath with a candle lit in the bathroom, put on a song that means something to you

Tip 2 – Focus on cleaning your energy and aligning your vibration, try to allow water to take the energies that no longer need to be. Put on the clothes you were washing and choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and with renewed energy.

Tip 3 – make a chamomile or lavender tea that help calm and warm the body, mind and spirit.

Tip 4 – Light an incense to change the energy of the environment. Put your intentions in incense for the energy you want to transmute. Aromatherapy is also great for changing emotional states

Tip 5 – Eat a comfy food, something you feel you need to eat, that comes from inside. Free yourself to feel what you need, your body is wise, you just need to listen to it.

Tip 6 – Cobertinha. Regardless of what you’re going to do if you wrap yourself in a little cobertinha and stay warm, sadness likes cold environments. I myself like to leave the candle on all the time, inciting the element of transformation fire and the heat itself.

Tip 7 – Use stones and crystals. To aid in energy transmutation I use natural stone pendants, but it can be raw stones already energized as well.

Tip 8 – Practice creative writing. Exercise put out what you feel, write what goes through your head, what you feel, try to tangibilize the process through writing. This will allow you to broaden your perception of your pain and consolidate your learnings.

Tip 9 – Action. Turn your sadness into something productive. Use sadness, pure and welcome to create a favorable action for you. I chose to write these tips and you can choose what? The important thing is to act, to do something that once done you will be happy.

With this turbocharged pack of actions you will channel your sadness to the right side, learning from it and still softening symptoms and reactions. You can put other things that make sense to you. I myself add meditation, yoga and mentalization practices, being closer to nature, plants. It all depends on you wanting, being willing to act for your good, to create your best version. What will you choose?

Leave me a comment here below saying what you thought of the prescription and if you liked it, share with those who need it too.

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