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how to live life to the fullest

How to start living life to the fullest

Transformations happen in many ways but the base to it is awakening. Being awake for life, for the present moment gives you the opportunity  to see and experience things in another way  and choose where and what you want to transform yourself. So if you want to change your life,  you have to change yourself first. And if you are already looking for means  on how to do this, like you are now, it is because you somehow already see there is so much more to life than this or because you cannot live like this anymore. Either one of the two, you are right. 

how to start the process of living life to the fullest? 


How to start living life to the fullest

1.Make a decision: No change can occur in our lives if we are not determined to it. Are you sure you want more for your life? Are you prepared for the work? As I mentioned before, living life to the fullest has nothing to do with a instant-pleasure lifestyle. It requires, focus, discipline and determination but I guarantee you will get a much more fulfilled life.

2. Get Disturbed: Get really disturbed with what you don’t like about your life.  Make a list, highlight the important things that are missing in your life and what you want to change. Be sure you are so disturbed that you are willing to do anything it takes to change your life for the better.

3. Start experiencing: By now you probably already know what living life to the fullest means, right ? Knowing and understanding it is very important but now that you already made decision you have to start experiencing the concept little by little. If you have been too long apart from your real self, living a life of materials and instant pleasure moments it might be very difficult to actually experience of what living the life to the fullest means. Even though you really want it, you might not just feel the concepts yet. This is completely normal. Living life to the fullest is not just pressing one big button and changing everything all the sudden. It is instead,  about small little actions that adding up make your life full. 

4. So don’t wait for everything to be perfect to start. Start now. You will succeed at somethings but you will also fail at other things. But the most important thing is to start experiencing the concept.  Remember, every minute brings the opportunity to choose between doing the same thing that makes you upset or doing for once it different in the way you want. Don’t over think, just choose now what feels better or right. It doesn’t need to be a big decision, it can be just a small routine action. Little by little you will master your life in every aspect you want. 
How to start living life to the fullest
    For instance, for myself I found out that every time I went to the Mall I would come home feeling terrible. I would be in a complete negative and materialist mindset. I felt I didn’t  have enough, that I wasn’t pretty enough, that I needed so much more money to feel happy. In the old days that feeling would build up on other things like eating habits and exercising habits taking me to a very low cycle. When I started experiencing the concept of living life to the fullest, I started to observe my feelings and noticed looking back that  I had a repetitive pattern that happened every time I came back from the Mall. I liked it at the moment I was there but then I felt bad hours after it. After noticing that, what did I do? On the next thought of going there or invitation to go to the mall I said no, and instead, I  suggested to do something simple but that I always postponed ( for instance, going to the park). And that felt so good. Not only because going to the park was great but because I noticed i didn’t fall in the trap again. I let that inner, second plan voice speak. 
5. Choose  and Observe , observe and choose, cleanse & repeat: Always observe the feelings you get after you make a choice. If it feels good it’s because you made the right decision. Of course if I changed going to the mall with staying at home and not doing anything,  then it wouldn’t make me feel good. I would end up going or being bored or regretting not going. 
      Every action you do, you can experience the concept of living life to the fullest and make new choices, according to what the real you wants. Choices by choices you will build an entire new lifestyle. Observe yourself, observer everything you are doing that you could be doing differently. Choose  and do differently and observe again. Make adjustments and then repeat in every little area of your life.
6. Question yourself: Don’t forget, every minute is precious, and ir order to live it as if it was your last minute you gotta ask yourself, ” is this what I really want to do?” And “is this going to make me feel happy ?” Sometimes what you want to do takes time, effort and getting out of the comfort zone. Go for it and do it, put more effort to it and feel the wellness feeling coming as soon as you make the decision to do it ( sometimes fear comes with it too, but it’s okay, if you are going to do something different you have to be brave which means doing it even though you fear it)
 7. Don’t get overwhelmed: Of course in one day you won’t be able to choose everything different, it will be too much. Don’t worry. Don’t get overwhelmed about it and how long it will take for you to change your life and live life to the fullest. If you really want this you will have the patience to rebuild it step by step.  Your future and your new life depends on what you do today and all those small choices you make. Even if you don’t change everything today, the smallest experience will give you enough energy and fulfillment to hold until the next one comes. 

 My  first step  to Live Life to the fullest 

maracas bay and familyHow to start living life to the fullest

I had to learn to live life to The Fullest the hard way. Today I see that my  process  started in November, 2011. I was desperate. I was a workaholic, used to smoke, drank socially quite frequently  (remember what I said about doing this things that give you momentaneous pleasure?) I also was financially broken. A healthy lifestyle was the last item on my list,  I used to eat very bad and I found out I was pregnant( which was a great scary news). I had to change my life urgently.
Like those coincidences* that happen to us, in the same week I was looking to start doing yôga. And so I started it and  that was my first step. Seven years later I look at it as the most important step I took. Of course like everything we start learning, in the beginning I felt like I was not good enough. It seemed I didn’t know how to do things. Usually with that frustration comes the giving up part. But at those days I could not give up, I was fed up with my self and my life and I had to transform it, no matter what. So I kept going regularly on the classes, reading and studying. Instead of looking at the result which made me overwhelmed I had to focus on the process, on consistency and discipline to keep going.  
That was just the beginning of what I know is a lifetime process. I own my whole transformation process to that one “small” decision moment I made. The work never ends. I can feel so much transformation ahead but I also feel very grateful for all transformation that I have had. 
Are you in a transformation path? 
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