After the tropical storm our first passage: from Trinidad to Grenada

After the tropical storm our first passage: from Trinidad to Grenada

Planning for our first passage from Trinidad to Grenada

We were anxious to leave Trinidad. It’s a great place but we were ready to depart. We have been exactly one month living on the  dock and although it has its benefits such as electricity  and water supply constantly, the downside is that we cannot jump in the water any time. It is a very commercial place and you don’t really want to go in the water. It was really hot there and it was hard to entertain children without a beach or swimming on a daily basis. Even ourselves, sometimes we just need to cool down and give a dive into the water.

So we followed the plan and stayed exactly one month on the dock and then left. The preparation to the trip was long. Juliano worked on the boat every single day. We fixed the windspeed, the water pressure system, got the Bimini fixed and also did some minor things we got from the survey. Besides that, we decided to buy extra tanks of diesel ( 200 liters)  to take besides the 400 liters from our tank since the price doubles as we got up the Islands. The other thing was food provisioning. I heard that in Trinidad everything was cheaper so we did a good grocery and veggies market and I think I have never had the fridge and storage so full in my entire life. At least my motivation to cook has raised with so many options! 

Two tropical storms and then we go

We had planned to leave on a Saturday night but looking at the weather report we saw two big tropical storm formations coming and stayed on the watch. No risky action needed but but we were anxious. Juliano waited for the next and the next report and the news were not good at all with 80% chance of tropical storm formation in Grenada and high seas. We decided to wait the 5 days window to go. Everything was ready and we just needed to wait and work on our patience. That’s when Wednesday night under full moon we left. We hired a skipper to go with us just in case. The way out was a little unpredictable, a strong wind came and the boat was taken hard by the current right on our way out hitting on the dock. Enough to scare the hell out of me. The beautiful full moon in matter of minutes turned into a dark rainning sky and that way we left. 

After some sea sickness and 14 hours later we arrived in Grenada, at Prickley Bay. The best news are that the water here is amazing and we can just jump in it at any time! 


passage from Trinidad to Grenada

passage from Trinidad to Grenada

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