Cruising life: last stop before it becomes real. #Life_Somewhere

Last stop before a cruising life

A pit stop at Disney to make kids (and adults) happy before sailing and living aboard.


Last stop before all our attention goes back to the oceans and we start our cruising lives.  We have rented a van and come to Disney World. We had 8 bags ourselves ( two bikes, two stand up boards, a surfboard and 3 clothing bags) so we had to rent a van and take some seats out so it would fit all of us and all the bags.  Two hours later we were ready to go.

Vincent went into all the toys he could with his height . I was worried about him at some of this toys but he handled it super well besides one or two times we thought he was going to faint ( well he didn’t but I almost did )! Martina had fun and also helped us getting a lot of fast pass which was great ( thanks also to step Dindo and Dani). Felt a little bad because we didn’t do almost any “Mickey Mouse”sight seeing.. they just didn’t seem to care and neither did we. We also didn’t buy anything there. Nothing, not even a magnet (feeling proud).

Lots of rain and lots of people but still we had a great time. The one park we loved was Animal kingdom and the new attraction the world of pandora, it was just the best. The place itself seemed to take us to a dream land and it really reminded me of all the things we have yet to come on this adventure. This is just the beginning! Soon we will be in a completely different environment with a lot of new experiences.

When a dream can become a nightmare!?

The scary part was that we got stuck at the splash mountain, right on top of it. It stopped all the sudden and we waited for more than 20 minutes for someone to come rescue us. It was just like in the movies. A lot of drama, people crying and tension. After getting out of it we passed through the backstages, a very different Disney. Check it our here for the live video. 


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