Life in Trinidad and Tobago

Self-improvent and diversity Trinidad is a new environment very different from the regular places we went to before. It feels amazing to be in such a diverse place, to be different, see different people and things. Sometimes in conventional life it just seems that everybody needs to be the same, do the same things and […]

Our First sailing route

The Caribbean dream Many people have been asking about our trip and what is the plan. So basically, our sail route journey will begin in the Caribbean through Trinidad & Tobago. We are here for about two weeks already hunting for boats. As soon as we get the boat we will equip it here with what […]

World trip Pre-start in Miami Beach

From equipments to a big family trip The world trip has finally started. This first stop was mainly focused on getting all the equipment we needed to document the journey. Along with that I convinced my parents and brother to travel with us at least one leg. Did the same thing with my American family. […]

Lifestyle change prep

moments before a real lifestyle change

Lifestyle change from traditional living to nomadic life. How we are preparing everything to travel around the globe in a sailboat. 90 days. That’s the time we had to make it all happen: change a traditional way of living to prepare to start living in a sailboat in a nomadic life. All of that with […]